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The Smog In Pakistanis Due To India According To NASA


We all know that the city of Lahore is famous for its foggy winters when the sight sees not much farther. But this year a strange phenomenon has made life miserable for the people in Lahore, it is none other than the deadly dangerous smog when it hit the city a last week. The people were not having any idea of its origin but now NASA has revealed brand new information that proves its enemy India is responsible for it.

The smog is covering many areas of Pakistan apart from Lahore, India itself is not free from its effects. Cities like New Delhi is also facing trouble due to smog and is expected to disappear after a rain shower in 2 or 3 days. There is a large scale burning of crop in the Indian Punjab province that has caused this problem nationwide.

NASA Proves India is Culprit Behind It

NASA took an image from its telescopes where it is clear that the burning crops in India are the places which is causing all this trouble for ruining the atmosphere of neighboring country. The Punjabi city of Jalandhar in India is the origin of burning. The distance between Lahore and Jalandhar is not much.

New York Times USA has also revealed the areas in India where this crop burning activity is at its peak and they are not using other means of getting rid of it. The straw is expected to be 32 million tons in a quantity which is absolutely huge, smog is travelling  through air due to this. A farmer said that one of the most widely available brands of seeders, which does not require crop burning, costs around $1,900. The farmers say that they are unable to buy the expensive straw even if they are helped by government with half the amount. Therefore they had no option to burn it.

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