In the current era where everyone busy in their lives to make it better and more comfort for their families and they do hardwork as they can, but there are two types of people exist, one who have a dream and mission to complete it and the second they are just doing without any mission and making money for survival.

But in my case there is an inspiration and motivation;

Unfortunately I lose my dad unexpectedly at age 16 and this made me force to do something for my family because the financial situation was not good enough, so I started teaching at coaching centers for home`s Bread and my college fees.

In 2012, I got an opportunity in one of my relative Instrumental & Electronics Company as a Computer operator where I was just send and receive the email from customers and this job helped me too much rather than the teaching at centers because I earned double than before here.


Fortunately in 2013, the beginning of New Year had very luckiest for me because I had an offer from the Software Company where I applied before few months, I was in Internet Marketing Department and the most junior executive there and did some Link building task, but I am eager to learn new thing which I did and my seniors appreciated and supported me to move onwards.

After Then I moved Sharjah for couple of month to find a job but did not got any and came back to Pakistan,

“I never gave up, and keep working hard as I supposed to be”

Good time started and I dedicated for Internet Marketing Industry and groomed myself with the time and experience and getting better and better opportunities and Alhamdulillah now working as a Senior SEO Consultant in a Reputable Organization.

Beside the Job, I give my consultancy to several companies to make their brand active and aware on Internet and working as a Freelance on Upwork ,

“There is no shortage of Money, Only a shortage of people thinking Big Enough”

I like to teach people as I learned with my experience I give training to newbies for SEO and make them capable to face the competition in the market.