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The 5 Step process of Registering Private Companies in Pakistan


In Pakistan, legitimate matters appear to be complicated to the point that we are compelled to pay strong measures of charges to experts whose organizations flourish with the absence of consciousness of the overall population.

I as of late got my startup joined without dealing with or squandering my cash on these purported ‘experts’.

SECP e-Services Portal

This aide is for individuals who wish to finish the joining process on the web, which costs half less then logged off. For the whole joining process you might be utilizing the SECP e-Services Portal.

Note: eServices Portal is just good with Internet Explorer. Allude to this eServices Guide by SECP for more data.


The procedure of fusing an organization in Pakistan incorporates five fundamental steps. Each of these strides are clarified beneath with their particular necessities.


To start with utilize SECP’s Company Name Search to check if your proposed name is accessible.

Sign into your eServices account. The main procedure accessible for you on this page is Company Name Reservation. Begin the procedure and round out the subtle elements. To finish this procedure you should make an installment of Rs. 200 either online by means of Visa or logged off in the picked bank.

  • Allude to this Company Name Reservation Guide by SECP for more data
  • Be certain about picking the organization kind.
  • Private Limited Company needs no less than two executives.
  • Single Member Company needs no less than one executive and a secretary.

You will get an email at your enrolled email address in around a few days if your name reservation is effective. On the off chance that there is any protest then you might need to rehash the initial step.

Your organization name will be saved for a time of 90 days. You can either get the Company Name Reservation Certificate from the concerned Company Registration Office (CRO) on the following working day or it will be conveyed to your location in 2 – 4 days.


You should record the accompanying archives amid the procedure of joining. Begin drafting your Memorandum and Articles of Association in the meantime as you send off your name accessibility application.


Notice of Association contains the principal conditions whereupon the organization is permitted to work. The report administers the relationship between the organization and the outside. It is a standout amongst the most critical archives and should be drafted with consideration.

Test Memorandum as per nature of business are accessible at this connection. In the event that you don’t discover the specimen for your business then you might need to enlist an expert legal counselor to draft those for your specific business. The contact of my prescribed attorney who has involvement with new businesses is recorded toward the end.


Articles of Association alongside the Memorandum of Association structures the organization’s constitution, characterizes the obligations of the chiefs, the sorts of business to be attempted and the methods by which the shareholders apply control over the governing body.

For your simplicity, you might utilize a solitary page Articles of Association accessible at this connection.

  • Structure 1, FORM 21 and FORM 29
  • Structure 1: Declaration of consistence with the prerequisites of the Companies Ordinance, 1984
  • Structure 21: Notice of circumstance of enrolled office of the organization
  • Structure 29: Particulars of Directors and Officers including the Chief Executive, Secretary and so forth.

All structures are accessible at this connection.

Note: When utilizing eServices you just need to transfer the accompanying reports in PDF position.

  • Update of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Examined adaptation of CNICs of the Directors
  • Examined Receipt of Bank Deposit (if there should be an occurrence of Offline Payment)
  • Structure 1, Form 21 and Form 29 are consequently created from the points of interest you enter as Incorporation.
  • This is the place you round out the points of interest and transfer the archives.


When you are consolidating your organization through eServices, the witness to your archives will be NIFT and you should acquire an advanced endorsement from NIFT for every chief of the organization keeping in mind the end goal to electronically sign every one of the records including Memorandum, Articles and different structures. Subsequent to getting Name Reservation Certificate from SECP, you will need to send the application to NIFT keeping in mind the end goal to get computerized authentications.

Download NIFT Application Form

Guidelines for acquiring and introducing computerized endorsements are accessible here. In the event that you keep running into any issue then contact NIFT line. They are extremely useful.

Sign the archives utilizing the eServices entryway and continue to the following steps.


The consolidation charge is pegged to your offer capital and you can compute it web utilizing the Incorporation Fee Calculator. For more points of interest, see the Schedule of Fees.

  • Disconnected from the net PAYMENT: You will need to transfer the store receipt before you can present the procedure.
  • ONLINE PAYMENT: After finishing the past steps, you will need to present the procedure and afterward it will show up in the online installment segment of eServices from where you can make the online installment.

NOTE: Please keep the disconnected from the net installment receipt in a sheltered place or print the online receipt. You will require it for step 5.


You may get an email if a complaint emerges. Make the required amendment and present the concerned shape again through eServices Portal. SECP will take around seven working days to finish the procedure if there is no complaint and you will get an affirmation email with respect to effective fuse of your organization including the consolidation number.

You can get the Incorporation Certificate from the concerned Company Registration Office (CRO) by demonstrating a duplicate of the installment receipt or it will be conveyed to your enlisted address following seven working day

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