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Top 10 Software Houses in Pakistan

Top 10 Software Houses in Pakistan

In the present age of globalization, technology has enabled the world to make rapid progress. Technology has made rapid progress and it is playing an important role in the basic management functions of all businesses. Technology provides innovative and convenient solutions to businesses and consumers in all aspects of life. With the high emergence of technology, Pakistan has become the 4th largest IT market. The IT hub in Pakistan offers the services of top IT professionals (freelance as well) to the world. Pakistani IT industry includes over 2000 software houses. This article includes a list of the top ten software houses in Pakistan.

1. Rank Planners

Rank Planners

Rank Planners is located in Faisalabad, Pakistan. It is considered one of the most popular top software houses in Pakistan. it has also established itself as one of the most reliable names in the industry. Rank Planners offers services and expertise in areas of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Marketing), Web design & development, data analysis, quality assurance, and data management. The software house further offers products such as information and security systems as well as business and financial consultancy.

2. Systems Limited


Systems Ltd is a software and technological house, operating from Lahore and Karachi, Pakistan. Systems Ltd holds expertise in computer solutions and provides services to a number of states and private businesses in Pakistan as well as to other nations including the US, Middle East, parts of Asia, and nations in Europe. The software house establishes a strategic approach towards the demands of the clients by offering solutions in IT consultancy, software development, BPO, and other forms of outsourcing services.

3. TechAbout


TechAbout is located in Lahore, Pakistan. This leading company offers a wide range of expertise to provide quality solutions to clients in the field of IT. TechAbout has worked on a number of projects in the industries of healthcare and education. Dedicated members of the company aim to achieve excellence by using creative and innovative ideas. TechAbout also provides a wide range of technical products and services to facilitate branches of consultancy, designing, prototyping, coding, and quality assurance. The Company’s popular blog, TechEngage, manifests the latest information from the tech industry and creates awareness about a wholesome arena of technical products in the form of unbiased reviews.

4. SolutionDots


Solutiondots is located in Lahore, Pakistan. It specializes in software development along with the services of website development, design, logos. Additionally, the software house assists in supporting Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. Solutiondots is a creative company that focuses on the creation of unique designs and layouts to increase revenues and the number of visitors.

5. Techlogix


Techlogix is an information technology company located in Lahore, Pakistan. Techlogix maximizes its services by combining business intelligence with customer relationship management (CRM) services and resource planning. Apart from Pakistan, the software house also provides services to China and US.

6. Xavor


Xavor is located in Lahore, Pakistan. Xavor has earned recognition as a top software house because of its approach to dealing with clients. Xavor focuses on providing tech and management consulting services to clients and various businesses. The aim of the company is to provide customized services that are in accordance with the demands and requirements of the customers. That is why Xavor today is a trusted IT source that focuses on the business needs of the customers.

7. Kalsoft


Kalsoft operates from Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan. Kalsoft is a well-reputed name in the market of providing IT solutions where the main focus of the company is on bringing the latest and most advanced IT strategies to assist clients. One unique quality of the software house is that it invests in research and development facilities in the domains of IT and software. Kalsoft serves customers in Pakistan, UAE, Oman and the Middle East.

8. TRG Tech


TRG Tech is a top innovation firm located in Lahore, Pakistan.  It is ranked as one of the most demanded outsourcing companies in the nation for its leading and quality services. The software households expertise in custom software development and technology strategies and also provides guidance to the clients in the form of techniques and methodologies to improve businesses and analytical performance.

9. Macrosoft


Macrosoft operates from Lahore, Pakistan. Macrosoft is a well-known software company that offers services of experienced and professional members in areas of software designing and development. Macrosoft also provides business and technical consultancy and has worked on several software projects. The main focus of the company is to provide easier and effective management solutions to the clients.

10. Zepto Systems



Zepto Systems is a UK-based IT firm headquartered in London with four different offices in major cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Faisalabad. Zepto functions in two major domains that include developing, managing, and administering systems and providing commerce and e-retail solutions. The main focus of the company is to provide easier IT solutions and effective management systems.

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