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Top ranked 5 online booking apps


  1. Jovago

Jovago is about the hotels worldwide. Jovago is Africa and Pakistan’s No.1 Hotel Booking Website that provides the reviews and booking of more than 200000 Hotels. They assure best package guarantee. Payment can be made online or offline. Moreover, it provides various other search options such as destination, stars, price and popularity.

  1. Careem

If you seek for hassle-free ride in seconds you should surely look for the Careem’s chauffeured

car booking service. The cars can be reserved or can be booked for the immediate service. Users are provided with the information about the car and driver as well and moreover, the cars are tracked. The car booking service is 24/7 available.

  1. Eat Oye

Eat Oye has been established by Nauman Sikandar and Rai Umair. Its head quarter is in Karachi that is servicing in 13 cities of Pakistan that offers online takeaway food and table booking service.

  1. ShowTime’s Pakistan

ShowTime Pakistan is available on Google Play and the App store that is developed by Reza Khan. ShowTime Pakistan offers free service for the movie listings at various cinemas. Moreover it facilitates via online booking services as well as home delivery of the tickets.

  1. Sky scranner

Sky scranner was founded by Gareth Williams in 2001 that is global search engine providing the comparisons in flights, hotels, car hires and even the particular agencies that aid completing the process.

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