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“Two Virtual University Students “Muhammad Adnan” and “Tahir Ramzan” have been invited as mentors for Google Code-In 2018.

Muhammad Adnan will mentor to RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems).
RTEMS is a free real-time operating system designed for deeply embedded systems such as automobile electronics, robotic controllers, and on-board satellite instruments.
Tahir Ramzan will mentor to PostgreSQL.
PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system that uses and extends the SQL language combined with many features that safely store and scale the most complicated data workloads.
Muhammad Adnan is a Google Summer of Code Student Alumni and Mentor Alumni. Tahir Ramzan is only Pakistani who is two times Google Summer of Code Student Alumni. In past 14 years, there are only 27 GSoC students selected from Pakistan as compare to 641 in this single year 2018 from India.
Google Code-in is an annual programming competition by Google that allows pre-university students ages 13-17 to complete tasks specified by various, partnering open source organizations.
It is sibling program to Google Summer of Code but only for school level students to get them familiar with computer programming, software development and opensource. All students who complete one task will get e-certificate, any student who completes 03 tasks will get a t-shirt and 02 finalists from each organization will go to Google HQ USA, there are 27 participating organizations including:
1. OpenMRS
2. JBoss Community
3. AOSSIE – Australian Open Source Software Innovation and Education
4. KDE Community
5. PostgreSQL
6. Wikimedia
7. Digital Impact Alliance
8. Sugar Labs
9. RTEMS Project
10. Fedora Project
11. The ns-3 Network Simulator Project
12. CloudCV
13. MovingBlocks
14. Coala
15. MetaBrainz Foundation
16. OSGeo
17. Public Lab
18. Haiku
19. Copyleft Games
20. Sustainable Computing Research Lab (SCoRe)
21. Drupal
22. Apertium
23. CCExtractor Development
24. OpenWISP
25. Liquid Galaxy project
27. Catrobat”
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