Ufone today dispatched a first of its kind item that will bring folks some quite required significant serenity – the UWatch. Ufone’s UWatch is fundamentally gone for keeping the children associated with folks when they are away, and that too without the need of cell phones.

Estimated at simply Rs. 6,999, UWatch is a wearable watch that has rich list of capabilities to keep folks associated with their children by knowing their constant area and two way voice calling usefulness i.e. the guardian can dial into the watch furthermore the tyke can dial from the watch to the guardian’s versatile number. With the UWatch application, the guardian is dependably in control. From live checking to setting up safe zones, the application gives a few approaches to alter the UWatch experience for your gang.

“At Ufone, we keep up a relentless spotlight on our clients’ needs and accommodation with development being at the front line of all that we do. The UWatch is a prime illustration of that as it offers an extremely one of a kind and enhance method for keeping families associated,” said Taimur Faiz Cheema, Ufone’s General Manager Marketing. “We are pleased to be the primary telecom organization in Pakistan to dispatch an achievement item like the UWatch and we are sure this will convey some quite required help to the folks

Major Features

  • Real time tracking
  • Voice calling (Parent’s to kids)
  • Fast Dial Emergency SOS Calling (Kids to Parents)
  • Safe Zones / Geo Fence
  • Safe list calling
  • Tracking History Playback
  • Remote Turn off/Turn On Function
  • Battery time of up to 2 days
  • Water Resistant
  • Time, Date and Alarm.

Package Details

  • A UWatch
  • An Android App

At the point when a client will purchase a UWatch, he/she can get it actuated by checking UWatch SIM through biometric confirmation framework. Once UWatch SIM is initiated, you regard use UWatch. Parents can introduce UWatch application by filtering QR code imprinted on UWatch box. After establishment, folks will need to enlist the application by giving guardians or watchman’s versatile number, UWatch SIM number and UWatch CID (to be given to client at the season of UWatch buy). Guardian can enlist more than one UWatches, implying that they can track and screen more than one child at once.

Ongoing Tracking

With UWatch Android App, gatekeepers can know the constant area of their children. They simply need to tap on “Area” catch to get constant area of their child wearing UWatch.

Tapping on area will show the precise address and facilitates for the comfort. Guide of continuous area of children can be seen in Satellite mode or in 2D map position.

Both Way Calling Facility

Watchmen can dial their children while staying with-in the UWatch application. Essentially tap “Accessible if the need arises” catch to setup a voice call. UWatch is actually outfitted with a speaker and mic for two route correspondence in the middle of children and parents. Similarly children can squeeze SOS calling catch to start a voice call. With this capacity a call will be begun from UWatch to parent or watchman.

Gatekeeper can mean three numbers for SOS calling so that if first ICE number isn’t reacting or if its occupied, the call is redirected to second watchman and after that third one until the call is reacted.

Tracking History

With UWatch you can play the historical backdrop of courses that your children have taken. This component will play precise turn-by-turn following history of your children amid a predefined period. UWatch can store history guide of UWatch children for up to three months. To play a following history, just go to following history and select a begin and end time and date to play area history guide of your children.

 Safe and Danger Zones

Watchmen can characterize safe zones or generally peril zones for the children or characterize a region with-in which children are assume to remain. For instance on the off chance that you stamp a recreation center, or a school as sheltered zone, UWatch will alarm the watchmen at whatever point children will leave the protected zone.

UWatch permits to check up to 5KMs of zone as sheltered zone/threat zone. UWatch can send ready SMS to watchmen if kids leave a sheltered zone or generally on the off chance that they enter a risk zone or both.

More Interesting Features

  • With UWatch application, you can pick up to three numbers that your child’s UWatch can call and get calls from. Calls from whatever other numbers will be blocked.
  • UWatch can’t be exchanged off by children. No one but watchmen can switch if off or on through UWatch application.
  • On account of light sensors, UWatch will send an alarm to gatekeeper when watch is expelled from wrist.
  • UWatch won’t have the capacity to get any calls from any number other than gatekeepers.
  • UWatch has capacity to reserve information in the event that it goes outside of scope zone that will be transmitted back once web if live once more.
  • For folks with various children, you can make numerous profiles for every child with UWatch to screen and stay in contact with.
  • Stun and sprinkle confirmation


  • UWatch’s Price: Rs. 6,999
  • Yearly Charges: Rs. 3,000 every year
  • First Time Charges: UWatch Price + Annual Charges for First Year: Rs. 9,999
  • All costs are including charges
  • UWatch accompanies six months of Ufone guarantee

 Observing Charges include

  • 2,000 SMS — for warnings to be sent from UWatch to Guardians.
  • 100 UWatch to Ufone minutes.
  • 100 MBs to be utilized by UWatch for sending information to servers.
  • The UWatch is currently accessible for buy from Ufone Service Centers in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.