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Vision For Higher Education 2025 Will Be Shared Soon


Developing the education system in Pakistan is an ongoing process of Government of Pakistan.  It is the desire of government to develop different areas of the country in education field. The simple plan and reason behind declaring the education vision of 2025 which the government will share with the people very soon.

The Chairperson of HEC Dr Mukhtar Ahmad was the chief guest in a meeting where the educationists and government officials discussed the education vision 2025. The Federal Minister for planning in Pakistan addressed also who looks keen for reforms in education and development sector.  The plan for Education vision 2025 is into the final stages of completion.

Developing a Changed Vision of Education in the Country

Some important unified details were also discussed in the meeting. The importance of arts education was discussed with great focus. The discussion went well for arts education but also the science, technology, engineering and Mathematics which is known as STEM. Nation building also depends on STEM in Pakistan and the government expressed its motive for starting an educational institute soon.

HEC has also expressed their intentions for improving education and Mukhtar Ahmad said that they are reconstructing their vision of education in Pakistan for better development of the nation.  He revealed that the future of 10,000 scholars is fantastic due to HECs efforts to send them to the USA for higher studies aboard on the basis of their skills. This will also help United States and [Pakistan to strengthen their relationships in the education sector. The manuscript for education vision 2025 will give a new hope and direction to the old outdated education system of Pakistan. This will definitely be a big achievement in the education sector which is a much-needed move considering the current situation in the country.

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