More often than not, we tend to opt for the options that are most famous and known rather than taking the efforts to research a bit more on what might be the best fit for our business. And that’s exactly the difference between the most successful business and the ones that manage to scrape through.

For any business, growth is directly linked to increase in revenue and team size alongside a whole new level of responsibilities. And picking the right set of tools to make your work better, easier and more efficient is the game changer. And to be specific, you’ll also see a clear expansion in your customer base and eventually the number of support calls and queries.

And situations like these are ones that require a call center software to help your business handle the changes. And going for something like Skype because it’s well-known won’t make it any better. Also because, Skype might seem like a fair enough solution superficially. The fact though is that it’s meant for individuals rather than teams. And hence is sure to create some bigger issues in the long run.

When trying to look for some alternatives that might be a better fit for growing businesses, Freshcaller, a call center software with a feature heavy build and perfectly placed pricing seems a good bet.

Let’s have a look at the difference and feature parity between Skype and Freshcaller.




Calls to mobiles and landlines

Yes Yes
Group calls Yes Yes
Caller ID Yes Yes
Call Forwarding Yes Yes
Voice messages Yes Yes
Multilevel IVR No Yes
Call recording No Yes
Call Barging No Yes
Live Dashboard No Yes
Smart Escalations No Yes
Call Masking No Yes
Business Hours No Yes
Wait queues No Yes
Call routing to groups No Yes
Call notes No Yes
Agent presence status No Yes
Call metrics No Yes
Video chat Yes No
Send texts Yes No
Screen sharing Yes No



Business Hours

Not every team in your company can have the same hours of work. If one department works in the morning, a different team might work during a different part of the day. But expecting the customer to know and understand these timings and empathize with you is not possible. For a customer, all that matters is a response from your business’s end whenever they call you up. It can either be a transfer to a different team who is online at that part of the day or at least a voicemail to inform them on the inconvenience to ensure their call doesn’t go unattended to. So having the option of setting up business hours based on the convenience of each team without compromising on the customer experience will help your business gain customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Call recording:

Being able to record calls is one of the most fundamental functionalities of a call center software. Call recording helps bring about transparency and an opportunity to learn from your colleague’s conversations with customers. Also in case of some thoughts of difference and confusion, referring to the recordings will help get some clarity on such issues.


Call barging:

While attending to calls, sometimes an agent might not be able to handle the customer well. Either the customer might be a difficult person in general or the issue might be out of his area of expertise. In such cases, if as a supervisor you can monitor calls and listen in to them, you can barge in and save the situation before it gets out of control.


All these features and the ones mentioned earlier in the post, show that businesses looking for a call center solution that can support them to scale as smoothly as possible need to look for a Skype alternative.