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WomenX fulfilling Pakistani Women’s Dreams


WomenX is a global initiative by World Bank to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of Pakistani women in developing countries. And now it is launched in Pakistan, started from Karachi, and now expanding in Lahore and Peshawar as well. It is accepting applications for Lahore and Peshawar, and deadline for applying is 31st of December, for the batch of January 2016. Forms are available on website, which can also be downloaded in native language i.e. Urdu.

How it all Start?

It basically started from Nigeria, when World Bank launched their pilot project there, for a research to study the rich entrepreneurial culture amongst local women. And then they decided to inflate in other countries as well. This is how they landed in Pakistan as well and selected IBA Center for Entrepreneurship Development ( IBA-CED) because of its highly developed infrastructure and advanced faculty. The team made in IBA-CED for WomenX program, visited Nigeria to study the working model of this Program. And then finally they launched WomenX in IBA with collaboration of Enclude which is a global advisory firm consulting and helping businesses to be maintainable, Women INC and MHB for working place.

Their Target audience is;

A considerable measure of Pakistani ladies are seeking after home based business projects however a noteworthy piece of them needs polished skill, are not effectively propelled and are simply making an utilization of their time. They do not have the comprehension of the framework and specialized techniques to work an endeavor. The point of the system was to change such outlook and to target small scale endeavors that have a solid development potential. The program targets new businesses as well as home based business people. The perquisites of the project needs you to have a business that you have been working for no less than a year with a few representatives. It ought to have a potential for development and versatility. There is no instruction bar for the system. The system is supported, consequently the charge is exceedingly financed to Rs. 10,000 for everybody. There is no superior idea and any lady can join in the project. At the point when finished the preparation, the endeavors can likewise get incubation at the IBA-CED.

Program includes;

The framework of this program is designed of three hour classes that happen once reliably, as a general rule on a weekend. The program offers access to complex business preparing and in addition it immovably focuses on networking and coaching. The four months training program keeps the individuals active and efficient, as they are required to make detail a business advancement action course of action for 12 months, assess customer parts, explore online business division opportunities, get some answers concerning enrolling an association and managing the assets to the extent costs and accounts. The gathering guarantees there is a tireless info from the individuals so the course of the undertaking can be made convincing. The team at IBA-CED is making a point to give a pleasing space for interested women entrepreneur. For example, taking an interest mothers can moreover get kids and they will be given a room.

One of the difficulties the project confronted was to get educators and mentors who concentrate more on practical learning than that of reading material. The system has been welcoming a ton of visitor speakers and professionals to spur the members. Another test was to devise an educational programs that members can easily understand. In this way, the system concentrated on instructing contextual investigations of home based business people instead of multi company monsters.

The primary associate involved in more than 200 applications, out of which 39 members were chosen. The second and third troop had 69 and 70 members individually. The principal partner significantly pulled in huge organizations that were operational for quite a while the second accomplice pulled in littler organizations particularly home based business people. The late third partner pulled in non-conventional organizations from differing fields, for example, online networking, preparing and consultancy, and so on. The pulled in new companies are aptitude based and more slanted towards ladies driven abilities, for example, cooking and apparel.

Sharing few success stories from WomenX program, which will definitely be a source of inspiration for many

 Faiza Yousuf is a technopreneur and the CEO of OuttaBox, a solution consultation company. She is from the pioneer batch.

Sukaina Abbas is a jewelry designer and the owner of Enchante. Even after qualifying from the program, she has got a name in local jewelry market by her work.

Tehmina Asad is the Managing Director of Insta Food Industries Pvt. Ltd. She gained a new insight of business after being a part of WomenX Pakistan.

Zoya Altaf belongs to second batch of program and she has created an online portal through which she is [providing complete event management solutions and services.

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