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The World’s First Urdu Thesaurus Launches As A Website & Android App


The world’s first Urdu Thesaurus launches as a website as well as an Android app by the founder Musharraf Ali Farooqi. He has developed and released the thesaurus through his publishing house “Kitab.”

The Urdu thesaurus is indeed an initiative that should have been taken years ago by someone in Pakistan, as Urdu is our national language and the most frequently used as well. But we always find difficulty in searching for Urdu synonyms and meanings due to the lack of any such online service provider.

But finally, you can search for any Urdu synonyms on the Urdu thesaurus as the service has got over 4,000 unique worlds and over a set of 20,000 sets of synonyms. You can search for all these synonyms through a built-in search bar.

Farooqi hopes for the exponential growth of his business as the thesaurus gathers more and more data. He also plans to add bilingual dictionaries and terminologies from different fields like law, medicine, arts, and science. In this way, it will soon become a platform for complex translations.

According to Farooqi, it is very unfortunate that our young generation is losing control over our national language Urdu with the passage of time and giving importance to foreign languages. But this thesaurus will soon launch a vocabulary building tool to be used by kids to promote and Urdu language and help them learn it in a simple and easy way. “Kitab” wants the national language to be easily accessible to each and every person.

Background of the Service

Popular figures like Tehsin Firaqi, Moeen Nizami, Muhammad Salim-ur-Rahman, and Mazhar Mahmood Shairani make the editorial advisory board for this service. The developing credits go to Dr. Athar Awais for his research in National Language Processing and Information Retrieval.

Musharaf Ali Farooqi developed this thesaurus during the time span of five years. According to him, this is a free educational service that he developed without any third-party funding.


The website comprises a simple design and contains both English and Urdu versions. You can easily find a search bar for Urdu text on the top of the site.

Android App

The Urdu Thesaurus app is as simple as the website. It contains a search bar at the top with words in alphabetical order below it. The words are scrollable, and when you select a word, you can find its multiple synonyms. Furthermore, the results can be shared too from within the app.

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