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YouTube introduces specified version for Pakistan


In its latest update YouTube has launched a version displaying “YouTube PK” at its default website for the Pakistani users for YouTube. It’s not quite clear yet this indicates that YouTube is now playing a localized version in place of its global version that Pakistani users are using.

It’s quite noteworthy that this is not specific for Pakistan. As all the YouTube users are seeing their respective country’s name on the YouTube logo.

Though Pakistani users were never served with localized logo for YouTube unlike Google that provides the Google pk logo.

As YouTube is serving a specified version for Pakistan users it is quite possible for government of Pakistan to lift the ban from the website or not to enforce it as strictly as before.

Though it should be mentioned here that for the identified version YouTube isn’t blocking any kind of content for Pakistani users specifically and all the globally available content is also accessible in Pakistan as well.

YouTube was banned in Pakistan in September 12, 2012. After then YouTube was still accessible at various servers of Pakistan. PTA claimed that this access was by mistake and the ban on the website will be ensured as per court order

Since then, for over a month now, YouTube is accessed by the majority of the Pakistani internet users and is receiving huge traffic from only Pakistan.

Press release from Google

YouTube has declared its launch of specified versions for the regions of Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

This step is taken to facilitate the users with the customized content according to the local culture and language so that they could be informed, educated and entertained well as such, while continuing the access to the world’s largest online and video platform content. From now on the users of those countries will be able to see the most visited videos and playlists across the country in their local domains and languages.

YouTube is the world’s largest online video sharing platform having more than 1 billion monthly users worldwide. It now offers localized versions in 88 countries and in 76 global languages which includes Nepali, Urdu and Sinhalese. From now on users will be entertained with the country-specific YouTube site by default such as Pakistan users while visiting the YouTube homepage will see the YouTube Pakistan site in Urdu providing the videos recommended and popular across Pakistan. Visitors will be able to stream more easily to find the relevant local content. This update is going to make it easier for the users of Nepal Pakistan and Sri Lanka to share their own content on the web.

Google Spokesperson said that

We seek to provide more customized content for the users of Nepal Pakistan and Sir Lanka. We also hope that this this going to be a helping hand or the local personalities, creators and musicians to share their talent on the world’s largest video sharing platform

With the Google’s vision to organize the data and make it accessible worldwide we aim to guard the idea exchange on the website including YouTube. We aim to engage the Governments, industries and civil society groups worldwide to ensure the safety and access of internet. Government’s reported content will be tracked and included in the transparency report

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