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TechMag is an Online IT & Telecom Magazine created purely for Pakistanis! TechMag is covering startups, lastest technology updates focusing on entrepreneurs, highlighting the innovators and famous technologists. It is the sole priority of us to enlighten you with these facts and figures that how massively Pakistani technological industry and global technological industry has been growing. TechMag is covering latest technology news and also updates regarding and all related to IT & Telecom Industry so that all of our readers may get an idea that what has been currently happening in IT & Telecom Industry globally! TechMag is also focusing and throwing light on all the current Startups, budding and talented entrepreneurs and technologists.

 Tech Mag is encouraging and motivating other writers who are quite and rather passionate about the world of technology and entrepreneurship in Pakistan and who also want to work with Tech Mag. Tech Mag team has been full of energetic and charismatic individuals from varied walks of life, they have varying educational backgrounds. We are working in unison to bring you the entire and interesting content which you are able to see on this homepage.

We have writers from all over Pakistan; they are helping us in making this blog. Our team is quite committed and it is an amalgamation of massive talented individuals, they have their own unique ideas that is shown in their writing styles. Tech Mag has always encouraged their writers to write from their hearts, you can see a sincere and real human touch in all of their writings. Tech Mag is covering news that’s related to Start-ups and entrepreneurship, and also about the Technology in Pakistan. 24 hours, we will be hearing your feedback and also input. You can dropping us your mails at any time you feel like and we would welcome you to get back to your mail!


But at the end of the day, we might make “Human Errors”, you have to show patience and we will be making sure to make those amends as soon as possible as we can. In the later times, you will for sure start loving our Tech Mag.


Team of Tech Mag

  1. Asim Nawaz Abbasi – Co-Founder